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Innovative Teaching and Learning - WEBINAR SERIES
presented by Bek Galloway

06 September 2016
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Innovative Teaching and Learning

Webinar Series 2016
Many schools across NZ are on the journey towards Innovative Teaching & Learning. This has the potential to see our classrooms transformed into spaces where students are engaged, enabled and empowered to become the confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners we strive for. But the journey is not an easy one. Sure, creating lovely, open environments with a few beanbags and high tables is easy, but that is definitely not what this new and exciting movement in education is all about. It’s all about the pedagogy; what’s happening inside the space that matters. And this requires a significant shift in practice which is a challenge for all busy, dedicated teachers. So, let me make the journey easier for you as I guide you through 4 Breakfast Webinars designed to provide teachers with highly practical ideas and solutions for changing their pedagogy and increasing their learners’ levels of engagement, progress and agency.

Collaborating with Colleagues - Tuesday 22 March

One of the biggest challenges many teachers will face in the move towards Innovative Learning Spaces, is the level of collaboration required to make it successful. Historically, we’ve been on our own; making most of the decisions about what goes on in our classrooms by ourselves, and to suit ourselves. That of course changes, once we move from a single cell classroom to a shared learning environment. To maximise the potential of these innovative spaces, teachers need to learn how to take shared responsibility for teaching and learning and that involves high levels of collaboration and negotiation. So where do we start? What areas are important to negotiate before learners arrive? How do we collaborate on learning decisions through the year? 

In this webinar, we will look at ideas for how to negotiate and set up team guidelines for successful spaces, and how to collaborate on learning with other teachers throughout the school year. If you’re currently in a shared space or likely to be in a shared space soon, or you would just like your team or syndicate to function more collaboratively, this webinar is for you!


Creating a Powerful Learning Culture - Tuesday 28 June

One of the first steps in the I.T.A.L. journey is to ensure we have established a strong culture of learning, to change students’ experience and perception of what learning is about. We need to create learning spaces (whatever the size or configuration) where students no longer expect to be passive recipients of learning and instead expect to be active contributors to their learning. We need them to experience learning as a meaningful and natural process where teachers facilitate and guide them to think, question, collaborate and reflect. But the odd thinking or questioning task, or group reflection here and there isn’t enough. Our students need these critical components to be routine in the classroom - “it’s how we learn in here!” 

So if you would like practical ideas and routines for how to ensure your learners are engaged in activities requiring them to think, question, reflect and collaborate, this highly practical webinar is for you.

Designing Rich, Deep Thinking Tasks - Tuesday 2 August

Once learners are experiencing a strong culture of learning in their classrooms, we can go one better. We can make learning even more relevant, meaningful & purposeful, by creating rich, deep thinking tasks across the curriculum. These tasks will have learners using their understanding of important curriculum ideas to solve problems, make decisions and create innovations for real-life-like contexts and purposes. They are open ended and flexible and will require learners to apply a range of lifelong learning skills as they create their own pathway to the end. The tasks by their nature will require deeper thinking, questioning and collaboration and will definitely inspire your learners.

In this webinar, we will look at defining what you want learners to know and understand, and how to use this to create tasks
that will ensure your learners are putting their understanding to use in context, thus deepening their level of understanding
and certainly increasing their engagement of sense of agency.

Empowering Agency through Student Voice - Tuesday 6 September

Learner Agency has the potential to be one of the terms ‘lost in translation’ in schools as it becomes over-simplified and we lose sight of the powerful nature and purpose of it. It goes beyond getting learners to plan their timetable for the day or getting them to choose between different options. These are both great steps on the journey, but the important decisions about what learning is done here, have primarily been made by the teacher and this is not the ultimate destination of Learner Agency. To achieve authentic agency, we need to empower our learners to make informed decisions about their learning; from identifying what needs to be done, planning how it is done, reflecting on what has been done and assessing the degree of progress. We need their input throughout the learning process. But how do we achieve this? What are the steps I can take to give my learners more voice in their learning? What are the implications for my programme?

This webinar is for you if you have similar questions and would like practical ideas for how to give learners a voice in the tasks,
programme and direction of their learning.

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