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Here we will have the resources that acknowledge the particular needs of gifted & talented learners, for both the teachers and the pupils (and sometimes the parents as well). It will also include books for students with learning difficulties, underachieving students and other individual needs.
Gifted / Special Ed
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Discipline, democracy, and diversity: Working with students with behaviour difficulties

Angus Macfarlane

Lower Primary - Upper Secondary

Completely eliminating behaviour difficulties in schools is probably not possible but reducing them is a realistic aim. This book provides a useful range of practical...

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.They're Not Bringing My Brain Out

Rosemary Cathcart

Have you ever wondered

  • how to cope with a very bright child when you've got 25 other children in the class?
  • what to do now you're in charge...

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75 Quick and Easy Solutions to Common Classroom Disruptions

Bryan Wilson & Cassandra Goldberg

75 Quick and Easy Solutions to Common Classroom Disruptions is packed with practical solutions to the most common classroom problems.

The book features75...

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Authentic Happiness :Using the New Positive Psychology to Realise Your Potential for Lasting Fulfilment

Martin Seligman

A national bestseller, Authentic Happiness launched the revolutionary new science of Positive Psychology--and sparked a coast-to-coast debate on the nature of real...

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Autism Spectrum Disorder in Aotaeroa New Zealand :promising practices & interesting issues

Jill Bevan-Brown/Vijaya Dharan

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex and increasingly prevalent condition which most educators will encounter during their career. This book aims to help...

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Autonomous Learner Guide Series: Images of Greatness

Katha Williams

A complete unit in understanding giftedness through the use of eminent people is presented in this guide. Students select and research a famous person, develop a...

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Autonomous Learner Guide Series: Primary Activities

Karen Garvin

The Autonomous Learner Model for the Gifted and Talented is now being used K-12, in pullout program,s as well as the regular classroom. This book provides specific...

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Autonomous Learner Guide Series:Create A Character

Marty Carey

Create a Character enables students to build on their writing skills and experiences by inventing a character which can be used in a wide range of writing activities.

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Autonomous Learner Model - Optimising Ability

G Betts/J Kercher

This has become one of the leading models to be used in K - 12 schools around the world. The model is designed to move students toward the role of learners and teachers...

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Autonomous Learner Model for the Gifted and Talented

George T Betts

The Autonomous Learner Model for the Gifted and Talented was developed to meet the diversified cognitive, emotional and social needs of gifted and talented students....

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Battlefield Wisdom : Top Tips for Busy Parents

Nigel Latta

Somehow, somewhere, parenting has become far too complicated and serious. BATTLEFIELD WISDOM is the perfect antidote. As a gift for newbie parents, or a soothing...

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