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Everyone is at some point of a leadership journey in their career. This section is dedicated to providing information, ideas and practical solutions to support you on your journey whether it be to your own increase leadership capacity or to coach or mentor others on their journey.
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Teaching That Changes Lives; 12 Mindset Tools for Igniting the Love of Learning

Merrilee Adams

Gold Metal Winner in Education Commentary/Theory category of the 2014 Independent Publisher Awards In response to educators who are already fans of her bestseller...

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Ten Mindframes for Visible Learning

John Hattie / Klaus Zierer

The original Visible Learning research concluded that one of the most important influences on student achievement is how...

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Thanks for the Feedback: The science and art of receiving feedback well

Douglas Stone/Bruce Patton/Sheila Heen

The performance evaluation at work, The parenting advice from your mother in law, The lecture by the cop who just pulled you over, Those suddenly too-tight jeans....

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The Art of School Leadership

Thomas Hoerr

This professional development book designed for school leadership offers invaluable advice on running a school. From evaluating teachers to working with parents,...

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The Ball

Todd Whitaker

Through this heartwarming parable, best-selling author Todd Whitaker reminds you of the importance of keeping your focus and remaining true to yourself. When...

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The Big Picture: Education is Everyones Business


AEP Distinguished Achievement Award Finalist! While there are lots of books about education that propose to change what you do in classrooms and schools, here's...

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The Coach Approach to School Leadership: Leading Teachers to Higher Levels of Effectiveness

Jessica Johnson/Shira Leibowitz/Kathy Perret

In The Coach Approach to School Leadership, Jessica Johnson, Shira Leibowitz, and Kathy Perret address a dilemma faced by many principals: how to function...

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The Coaching Manual: The Definitive Guide to the Process, Principles and Skills of Personal Coaching

Julie Starr

Widely recognised as a leading practical handbook on coaching, The Coaching Manual combines an understanding of coaching principles, skills, attitudes and behaviours,...

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The Collaborative Leader : The Ultimate Leadership Challenge

Ian McDermott/L Michael Hall

Are you a collaborative leader? Would you like to be? Do you know how to pull people together, inspire them with a meaningful vision, and organise them so that...

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The Cultural Self-Review

Jill Bevan-Brown

The Cultural Self-Review provides a structure and process that teachers from early childhood centres through to secondary schools can use to explore how well they...

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The Element : How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

Sir Ken Robinson

The Element is the point at which natural talent meets personal passion. In this groundbreaking book, world-renowned creativity expert Ken Robinson considers the...

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