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Everyone is at some point of a leadership journey in their career. This section is dedicated to providing information, ideas and practical solutions to support you on your journey whether it be to your own increase leadership capacity or to coach or mentor others on their journey.
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Intentional Leadership : 12 Lenses for Focusing Strengths, Managing Weaknesses, and Achieving Your Purpose

Jane A Kise

Most executives lead with a purpose. Yet many lack self-knowledge, failing to recognize the limitations that accompany their strengths. They drive forward too boldly,...

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Interdisciplinary Curriculum: Design and Implementation

Edited by Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs

The authors describe a variety of curriculum integration options ranging from concurrent teaching of related subjects through to residential study focusing on...

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Journals as Frameworks of Change

This versatile handbook covers 5 frameworks that effectively use journaling to organise and facilitate change: action research, professional growth, staff development,...

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Jousting for the New Generation

David Loader

Learning is not some technical task like computer programming; it is integral to the person. It is par t of the spirit, the soul and the hear t of a human being...

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Key Competencies for the Future

Rosemary Hipkins/Rachel Bolstad/Ally Boyd/Sue McDowell/

This book is an exhilarating journey into the set of ideas known as the key competencies. The authors employ creative zeal and the collective wisdom of more than...

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Keys to Curriculum Mapping

Susan K. Udelhofen

Build bridges to a brighter future when you plan with curriculum mapping! This practical resource provides the tools necessary for successful implementation and...

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Keys to School Leadership

Phil Ridden

Keys to School Leadership provides a compelling and timely review of the fundamental principles underpinning leadership success in schools today. Phil...

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Kia Tangi Te Titi Permission to Speak

edited By Dr Paul Whitinui

Editor Paul Whitinui has reached across the disciplines, including education, psychology and health in his search for answers. The writers canvas topics such as...

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Lead Like a Pirate : Make School Amazing for Your students and Staff

Shelley Burgess/Beth Houf

Are You a Treasure Seeker?

Pirates are on a constant quest for riches, but PIRATE Leaders seek even greater rewards: amazing schools, engaged students,...

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Lead On! Motivational Lessons for School Leaders

Pete Hall

Every school leader will benefit from this must-have book by award-winning educator Pete Hall. In it he shares his wisdom, insights and lessons lived and learned...

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Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t

Simon Sinek

Leaders Eat Last is the highly anticipated follow up to Simon Sinek's global bestseller ...

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