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Everyone is at some point of a leadership journey in their career. This section is dedicated to providing information, ideas and practical solutions to support you on your journey whether it be to your own increase leadership capacity or to coach or mentor others on their journey.
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Leading a Culture of Change

Michael Fullan

Business, nonprofit, and public sector leaders are facing new and daunting challenges--rapid-paced developments in technology, sudden shifts in the marketplace,...

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Leading Dynamic Schools: How to Create & Implement Ethical Policies

Sharon Rallis, Gretchen Rossman, Casey Cobb et al

This companion book to Principals of Dynamic Schools and Dynamic Teachers brings to life the process of making and enacting educational policy and helps decision...

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Leading Effective Meetings, Teams and Work Groups in Districts and Schools

Matthew Jennings

Lower Primary - Upper Secondary

Whether you're setting up a complex district-level task force or a simple school faculty meeting, this A to Z guide gives you all the advice and ideas you need to...

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Leading for Equality: Making Schools Fairer

Jacky Lumby/Marianne Coleman

Disentangling the concept of equality in schools can be a tricky task for those in senior, middle or classroom leadership. This book will unpack ideas of equality,...

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Leading Futures : Global Perspective on Educational Leadership

Alma Harris/Michelle S Jones

This book offers multiple perspectives on educational leadership from the viewpoint of scholars, policymakers and practitioners. It considers leadership in context...

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Leading Mindfully : How to focus on what matters, influence for good, and enjoy leadership more

Amanda SInclair

Simple practices of mindfulness can enhance our effectiveness and enjoyment in leadership work.

Leadership teacher and researcher Amanda Sinclair shows...

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Leading Modern Learning A Blueprint for Vision-Driven Schools

Jay McTighe/Greg Curtis

Bring focus to your mission for modern learning. Whether you’re upgrading a department, school, or district, the authors offer a systemic framework, proven...

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Leading Professional Development Beyond the Classr

M Beale

This book explores the culture, structures and relationships associated with the dleivery of effective professional development in a very practical way.

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Leading School Change: 9 Strategies to Bring Everybody on Board

Todd Whitaker

Make positive and immediate changes in your school with the support of your entire staff. New from acclaimed speaker and bestselling author Todd Whitaker...

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Leading the Learning School

Colin weatherley

The main theme is that the effective leadership of true Œlearning schools¹ involves applying the principles of learning to all levels of educational management....

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Leading with Cultural Intelligence

David Livermore

Why are some leaders able to create trust and negotiate contracts with Chinese, Latin Americans, and Germans all in the same day, while others are barely able...

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