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Everyone is at some point of a leadership journey in their career. This section is dedicated to providing information, ideas and practical solutions to support you on your journey whether it be to your own increase leadership capacity or to coach or mentor others on their journey.
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Student Achievement Through Staff Development, 3rd Edition


Here’s a book that erases--forever--any doubt that better staff development can lead to higher student achievement and spells out which kinds of professional development...

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Student Engagement - Strategies to Raise Achievement

Carolyn Coil

This book is written for educators, administrators and parents. The strategies discussed for each issue and each category are intentionally practical and easy to...

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Student Voice : The Instrument of Change

Russell Quaglia/Mchael Corso

Students are not the problem in our schools—they are the potential. Students should be central to any educational reform agenda. Student...

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Successful Educational Leadership in New Zealand - Case studies

Ross Notman(editor)

This book features case studies of 11 successful New Zealand educational leaders. It is intended as a testimony to their exemplary work and to help aspiring, new...

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Successful School Leadership : International Perspectives

Petros Pashiardis/ Olof Johansson

Successful School Leadership identifies the characteristics, behaviours and practices of successful and effective school leaders through the adoption of a systemic...

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Summarization in Any Subject: 50 Techniques to Improve Student Learning


According to research, summarization is one of the top nine most effective teaching strategies, but teachers often under use this technique because they think summarization...

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Supporting New Teachers A How to Guide for Leaders

Lynn F Howard

Fifty percent of new teachers leave within the first five years of teaching. Why? Surveys cite paperwork, discipline, communication, and feelings of isolation. But...

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Surviving the Middle Years: Strategies for Student Engagement, Growth & Learning

Carolyn Coil

Adolescents aged ten to fifteen are complex. In order to examine and understand what happens during these years, we can divide this stage into several categories....

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Sustainable Leadership

Dean Fink & Andy Hargreaves

In Sustainable Leadership, Andy Hargreaves and Dean Fink address one of the most important and often neglected aspects of leadership: sustainability. The...

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Sustaining Change in Schools: How to Overcome Differences and Focus on Quality


When educators, parents, and diverse groups in your community have different views of what makes a quality school, here's a book that will help you overcome these...

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Switch: How to change things when change is hard

Chip & Dan Heath

I want to change my boss's mind, but he won't listen.I want to change the way we operate around here, but there are too many obstacles.I want to make some changes...

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