Presented by:

Murray Gadd

Event Date:

28 Jan 2021

Event Time:

09:30 AM - 03:00 PM

‘On Being an Effective Teacher of Writing, Especially for Under-Achieving Students’.

‘During the day, Murray will lead an illustrated and research-based exploration of what teachers need to know, think about and do to be effective teachers of writing for Years 0-8 students, especially students who perceive themselves as struggling or reluctant writers.  In particular, he will focus on issues around topic and task selection, motivation, direct instruction, differentiation and classroom organisation, and self-regulation.

He will also offer guidance on setting up a literacy programme and classroom for the new school year’.

Event Expired

Event Location:


  • The Trusts Arena
  • 65-67 Central Park Drive, Henderson
  • Auckand
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