Presented by:

Margaret White

Event Date:

30 Oct 2021

Event Time:

08:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Jellybeans Music – Margaret White

Music is the accepted universal way of expression in all stages of our lives.  Music is ever present in our everyday lives at all ages and for all cultures. It represents an enjoyable activity with its influence going beyond simple enjoyment.  We listen to music, sing, play and compose music throughout our lives allowing us to express personal feelings and brings many positive effects to people around us.

Many benefits of music have been recognized in recent times.  Research in music sciences have identified several dimensions of human life (cognitive, psychological, social and emotional) which seem to be positively affected by music.

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  • Learning Network NZ
  • 214 Universal Drive, Henderson, Auckland
  • +64 (0) 9 835 0912
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