Presented by:

Mary-Anne Murphy

Event Date:

27 Aug 2020

Event Time:

09:30 AM - 03:00 PM

NOW ONLINE…Mary-Anne is looking forward to working alongside you to recraft your current reality so you are able to have those crucial conversations with confidence, courage and compassion. Here’s Mary-Anne explaining what you can expect on the day.

Crucial conversations for tricky situations.
Silence means consent. It is not ok to let things pass, but we do need to know how to have tricky conversations with aroha.

Do you ever find yourself…

  • Avoiding having those more crucial conversations.
  • Hinting at the issue, but never really getting to the point.
  • Struggling to find the words and it all just comes out ‘wrong’.
  • Walking away from a conversation not actually saying what you wanted to say, then having to go back and have the conversation again.
  • Fearful of hurting someone else’s feelings and causing a rift.
  • Worrying about the potential reaction you might get and how you might deal with that.

Then this is your time to face the fear and learn it anyway!

A former principal, national facilitator, people and culture guru, and international speaker, Mary-Anne will provide clear, concise and user-friendly strategies, whilst also supporting you to reconnect with your inner strength, courage and compassion.

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Event Location:


  • Learning Network NZ
  • 214 Universal Drive, Henderson, Auckland
  • +64 (0) 9 835 0912
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