Presented by:

Gavin Grift

Event Date:

19 Jul 2023

Event Time:

09:30 AM - 03:00 PM

Join International presenter Gavin Grift for this 1 day pre-conference masterclass (19 July)

Emerge – A Masterclass for Emerging and Middle Leaders

In this master class, led by renowned author, educator and facilitator, Gavin Grift, you learn how to let go of some of the mental barriers associated with leadership: the need to be right, the right to be heard over the opportunity to listen, the pressure to be inspiring and successful (however that is defined), to be all things to all people, to be constantly at your best because people are watching or to know more than those you lead, just to name a few.

You will be taken through a process of elevating your self-awareness to a point where you are not defined by your leadership identity, where you don’t measure your self-worth against your perceived impact of being a leader. You will learn to develop the leader in you that has clarity of mission with a desire to make a positive dent in the world.

You will learn to quieten the distracting noises in your leadership mind to move you forward on your path with a much higher sense of self, your true leadership self. You will better understand the leadership identity you have constructed for yourself in your very human need to feel a sense of value, importance, and influence. You will learn how to move past titles towards your purposeful platform for leading.

As a result of attending this masterclass you will emerge with a heightened level of self-awareness to mitigate any potential roadblocks for you. These may include holding false expectations (of ourselves and others), judging ourselves and others harshly, forsaking true collaboration for the application of our own ideas, embracing egoic listening over deep listening or failing to truly see who the people are that we are leading.

As you emerge, ‘you’ will more clearly come into view. This will enable you to use your insights to increase your impact, influence, autonomy, fulfilment, joy and deepen your relationships with others. You will understand how to recognise the barriers that stop you from becoming the leader you want to be. This allows you to illuminate your deepest fears, frustrations and challenges and then increase your self-awareness, to find the antidotes in overcoming these potential leadership pain points.

 As you meet that leader within, you will learn how to embrace the past and utilise the present to carve out a leadership path that takes you closer to your leadership mission.

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  • The Boatshed
  • Taranaki Street
  • Wellington
  • 098350912
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