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Kath Murdoch

Event Date:

20 Jun 2024

Event Time:

09:30 AM - 03:00 PM

Getting Personal with Inquiry: honouring students interests and passions through a culture of inquiry. (NE-year 8) 

There has been growing interest in ‘personalised learning’ for many years now. Increasingly, schools are making arrangements to provide more opportunities for learners to learn to be self-directed and to have their needs and interests met through the curriculum.  An inquiry-based approach is in itself, an approach that recognises the importance of learner voice and choice and of linking new learning to the existing knowledge, experiences and interests of the child.  In this sense, inquiry has always been an approach that nurtured agency, but this can be amplified when children can pursue the questions, interests, problems, and wonders that matter to them.​

Teachers who use an inquiry-based approach are committed to helping learners ‘learn to learn’ and to equipping them with the skills and dispositions to more independently investigate questions, problems, issues and interests. But what opportunities do we give learners to do this beyond the “units of inquiry” we may develop?   How can we provide children with real opportunities to explore the things they are curious about?  And why is this so important?

This workshop is all about bringing an inquiry-based lens to our work with children and, in particular, building out capacity to use their interests and questions to inform our planning and teaching.​

We will explore the following questions with practical tasks and lots of recent examples from classrooms:

  • Why is personal inquiry important? What’s our purpose?
  • What is the role of shared inquiries that might be more teacher-initiated?
  • How can we meet the requirements of the curriculum AND honour children’s interests?
  • What is the teacher’s role in supporting children’s personal investigations?
  • How can we help children identify their interests? How can we inspire wonderment and curiosity?
  • How can we use materials to provoke and extend thinking about key concepts?
  • What skills and dispositions help support children as they inquire?
  • How can we make this manageable? What systems and routines and classroom set ups make it work?
  • How can we involve the wider community and communicate the importance of this practice to parents?

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