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Catherine McCullough

Event Date:

22 Jul 2020

Event Time:

07:30 AM - 08:15 AM

Friends of Learning Network NZ, we have international educators sharing ideas and strategies to enhance your teaching practice. Join us for a 30 min webinar session to provoke your thinking, offer insights and provide some practical strategies to get you started.

Catherine McCullough : Resiliency & Emotional Intelligence

President and CEO of CMC Leadership, Catherine is an internationally recognized educator, presenter, speaker, and facilitator. She is an expert in conducting leadership workshops for a wide range of organizations in both the business and public sectors. In addition to her Leadership Development expertise, Catherine specializes in Organizational Relationships, Strategic Planning and Change Management. She is also a certified Executive Leadership coach.

Both her proven experience and her expertise have allowed Catherine to successfully lead individuals and teams in the pursuit of increased self-awareness and organizational effectiveness. Her gift is communicating passionately and clearly with leaders to help them with proven strategies to reach their greatest potential.

And if you want MORE, sign up for the full day workshop and engage with Catherine face to face.

Thursday 3 September(Auckland) Leadership Resiliency & Emotional Intelligence

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