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Presented by:

James Anderson

Event Date:

11 Aug 2020

Event Time:

11:00 AM - 09:00 AM

ONLINE LEARNING over 5 x 1 hr sessions:

Tuesday 11/18/25 August + 8/15 Sept

You can choose the time that suits you best : 11am or 5.30pm (NZ time) 

Check out this video from James outlining what you can expect:

Changing Mindsets

Professor Carol Dweck has spent a large part of her career demonstrating the critical importance of a Growth Mindset in student learning and achievement. She has shown how our Mindset guides our responses to challenges, mistakes, the development of our abilities, and whether we are open to feedback.

Over the past few years, schools have rushed to embrace her research… with mixed results.

In this powerful workshop, you will discover why so many of our current school-based Growth Mindset interventions have failed. Most importantly, you will discover how to implement strategies that work!

Move past the social media myths and misunderstandings about Growth Mindsets and discover how to make an enduring difference to your students’ learning.

In this masterclass, you will explore the Mindset Continuum, gaining new insights and a powerful toolkit of classroom strategies that will develop your students’ Mindsets.

Topics include:

Backstories – “The” Growth Mindset Strategy

How We Change Mindsets

Growth Mindset and Growth

Mistakes, Practise and Effort

Assessment for a Growth Mindset

Nudges – Creating Positive Mindset Movers

Attend when it suits you, or catch up on demand. Access all sessions for the next 12 months.



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