Presented by:

Tony Ryan

Event Date:

13 Sep 2021

Event Time:

03:30 PM - 03:30 PM

Join Tony Ryan for these 2 webinars Mondays 13/27 September 3.30-5pm

Our wishlist in teaching is infinite. As well as asking for plentiful resources, parent support, and enough personal time to simply relax, many of us often place student engagement near the top of that fabled list. This energising webinar will partly help you to progress that wish.


Placed two weeks apart, the sessions will include many practical ideas that focus on classroom environment; and on student intrinsic motivation. The specific strategies and processes will include:


  • The psychology of child motivation; what works; and what doesn’t
  • The power of relationship; and the worth of your enthusiastic modelling
  • The perils and power of blended learning – how remote support can more deeply engage some children
  • An understanding of the setting of targets / goals; why it works for some children; and not for others
  • The explicit introduction of on-task training – a simple 4-step framework for helping distracted students to remain in focus
  • The development of solution-focused learning that provides a stimulus for everyday learning
  • The enhancement of their thinking skills – the core capability that enhances every aspect of learning and character development


You will be engaging with Tony at a personal level (he loves questions). In particular, the 2nd webinar will debrief on the 1st session, and will clarify how to refine your initial applications. Join us as we explore how to encourage your students to become more involved in their everyday learning… and their life.

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  • Wherever you are in NZ
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