Presented by:

Sandra Jenkins

Event Date:

15 Mar 2021

Event Time:

09:30 AM - 03:00 PM


Sandra Jenkins(MNZM)has partnered with Autens,  a leading Danish education consultancy, specialising in developing and supporting a creative process that transform schools into meaningful future focused  places for learning. Sandra will take you through a process that encourages learning to be purposeful, joyful, co-created and personalised, and that learning spaces should be a reflection of this.

Sandra is introducing Learning Space Design Lab(TM) for educators. In these workshops, you co-create a new learning environment on the basis of a shared vision for learning. In these workshops educators have the freedom to think, play and create together so that the outcome is as innovative, insightful, shared and inspirational as possible. The design process is hands-on, project-based learning in action, with an authentic, real-world problem that demands a solution.

The workshops have a dual, inter-related purpose: to create design solutions for specific learning spaces and to strengthen a shared learning culture with a very high sense of ownership and empowerment among teachers.

This workshop has been successfully facilitated both in Denmark and in different countries across the world. As of now we have held workshops for around 2,400 educators and these workshops have influenced the daily school life of at least 19,000 students.

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Event Location:


  • Learning Network NZ
  • 214 Universal Drive, Henderson, Auckland
  • (09) 835 0912
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