Presented by:

Gavin Grift

Event Date:

17 Aug / 18 Aug 2020

Event Time:

09:30 AM - 03:30 PM

Teachers leaders take on variety of roles that support school and student success. A school’s capacity for improvement relies upon effective teacher leaders who have been given formal or informal roles that extend beyond the classroom in support of whole school goals.

In the workshop, Gavin will lead teacher leaders through a process of self-discovery, as they grapple with the demands of teaching and leading within their schools. Participants will learn about the key attributes to being a leader of learning, explore the concept of leadership identity, develop a deeper understanding of adult learning
theory and understand how to use conflict productively. Participants will also learn and apply the skillset required to lead meaningful collaborative dialogue, provide effective feedback to peers and demonstrate five critical leadership roles. They will leave the workshop with contemporary and research based ideas and approaches that genuinely build their identity and capabilities as teacher leaders.
Outcomes include:
• Understanding the importance of identity, frameworks for leadership, and adult learning theory
• Awareness of the findings of trust when working with others
• Skills to lead and manage conflict productively and positively
• Communication tools and skills which develop professional relationships and higher performing teams

Day 1: What does it mean to be a leader?
In the first day of Workshop, Gavin will outline what it means to be a leader of learning for teacher leaders. Participants will explore the importance of identity in the complex role of balancing teaching responsibilities with the role of leadership. They will also learn about leadership approaches that have impact on their peers and contribute to their collaboative culture of school. A focus on Day 1 includes awareness of current research on trust and facing conflict without fear. Participants will also explore the facets of diversity in humans that make working with others challenging but also provide our greatest opportunity for improving student outcomes.

Day 2: What are the skills of teacher leaders?
Day 2 of the Workshop will focus on the tools and skills teacher leaders need to work successfully with others. They will learn leadership skills that truly have the potential to motivate, inspire and lead others through the process of change. These skills include the use of paraphrasing and visual cues in meetings, leading collaborative team discussions, utilising questions to lead genuine inquiry in teams, adopting two ways of talking and the art of giving feedback.

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  • Learning Network NZ
  • 214 Universal Drive, Henderson, Auckland
  • 098350912
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