Presented by:

Kathryn Berkett

Event Date:

19 Aug 2022

Event Time:

09:30 AM - 03:00 PM


Seminar will cover:
• What impact can early trauma have on behaviour of children / adolescents?
• How the brain connects/learns. The impact this has on the behaviour we see and how we can effect change.
• What elements we need to create in the environment to increase likelihood of behaviour change?
• How we can evaluate and notice true behaviour change?

This workshop will cover how trauma can impact the development of the brain. Understanding what contributes to behaviour development is the most important and influential path to being able to change behaviour.

We are doing so much great work that is going undetected when it comes to behaviour. It is the everyday, relational interactions that are increasing coping skills for our children, youth and adults. However, there are some interactions and theories we are attached to, that can perpetuate the
behaviour challenges we encounter.

This session will give you confidence to continue doing what you are doing right and learn to recognise the things that might not be helping.
The way this information will be explained will allow you to individualise the information to your own personal situation. This is essential, as we are all unique and need different environments and interactions to complement our individuality.

You will leave this session with information that will allow you to immediately implement your learning into practice. Interaction and discussion will be
encouraged during this session, to ensure full understanding. The information will be covered in language that is easy to understand and apply, whilst still being based in research and neuroscience

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  • Learning Network NZ
  • 214 Universal Drive, Henderson
  • Auckand
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