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Kathryn Berkett

Event Date:

16 Aug 2023

Event Time:

09:30 AM - 03:00 PM

  • What is trauma – the definition and understanding of the impact
  • Epigenetics, the influence environment can have on the genome
  • Potential in-utero impact on cell development
  • The neuroscience of intergenerational trauma

Please be aware that this workshop will be talking about some fairly emotive topics. Ensure you are in a good space to unpack what will be heard.

This workshop will cover some of the more technical areas of intergenerational trauma and what this can mean for our ongoing sense of safety and engagement. We will talk about how trauma can be transmitted through generations, genetically and environmentally. We will understand the impact that can occur for our babies in-utero and what that means for learning and behaviour throughout life.

If we want to move forward in a way that is more biologically responsive, and effect true change, we need to understand the full impact trauma can have. This session will be useful for those who support anyone who has experienced high levels of trauma in their lives, especially those who have lived intergenerationally through trauma.

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  • Learning Network NZ
  • Cnr Universal/Soljan Drives, Henderson
  • Auckand
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