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23 Mar / 17 Aug 2020

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07:30 AM - 08:15 AM

Friends of Learning Network NZ, we have international educators sharing ideas and strategies to enhance your teaching practice.

Join us for 4 x 30 min webinar sessions to provoke your thinking, offer insights and provide some practical strategies to get you started.

A taster of what you could expect if you attend a full day workshop with any of these global thinkers.

Session 1: 23 March   7.30am-8.15am        Eric Sheninger (US)                            Digital Pioneer

Session 2: 14 May       7.30am-8.15am        Guy Claxton (UK)                                 The Learning Power Approach

Session 3: 22 July       7.30am-8.15am        Catherine McCullough (Canada)     Leadership Resiliency & Emotional Intelligence

Session 4: 17 Aug        3.30pm-4.15pm        Tony Ryan (Australia)                        The Wellness Revolution in Education

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  • Wherever you are in NZ
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