180 Days of Self-Care for Busy educators

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180 Days of Self-Care for Busy educators

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How can educators lead happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives inside and outside the classroom? Author Tina H. Boogren invites teachers, paraprofessionals, counsellors and administrators to participate in 180 Days of Self-Care for Busy Educators, a guide to low-cost and no-cost research-based practices to support their health and wellness, one day at a time. With Boogren’s uplifting help and encouragement, readers will try weekly strategies and techniques to determine what works – and what doesn’t work – for them.

With this book, readers will:

  • Explore the perils of stress in the classroom and in their personal lives
  • Learn how to assess what they need physically and emotionally, check in with themselves throughout the day, and act on what they learn
  • Examine how self-care can improve their well-being and lead to a happier, more successful personal and professional life
  • Consider thirty-six weeks’ worth of daily self-care themes, ranging from creativity and inspiration to relationships and time management
  • Understand that well-being does not depend on buying anything or using an app but instead on doing the work.

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