Brain Friendly Assessments

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What They Are and How to Use Them

Assessment and testing serve distinctly different purposes in education. Whereas testing gives teachers a snapshot of what each student knows at a given moment, assessment provides a way to continually monitor student progress and give feedback and support to increase learning.

Brain-Friendly Assessments: What They Are and How to Use Them guides teachers on this journey as they work to determine what, whom, where and how to assess. In this revised Australian edition, bestselling author David A Sousa empowers teachers with valuable research findings from educational neuroscience as he describes critical factors to consider when designing and selecting assessment techniques to accurately gauge how well students learn and retain information.

In this book, Sousa explores clear, practical, effective ways to

  • develop and administer assessments that are in the best interest of students
  • design brain-friendly assessments to deepen students’ understanding
  • fairly assess all students, including EAL/D students and those who are homeschooled

Effectively designed assessments help to improve student performance as well as qualities that standardised scores alone cannot measure, such as creativity, curiosity, higher-order thinking and collaboration. Brain-Friendly Assessments will help teachers impart these critical skills and traits to students to consistently foster long-term academic success.

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