Checking our P.U.L.S.E for Kids

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Checking our P.U.L.S.E for Kids

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A Personal & Practical Guide to Effective Educational Leadership

Being a principal or an educational leader matters…TREMENDOUSLY. As leaders, our mission is to be the best educational leader for our school, but it takes a formula to help kids win at life. This book will take the reader through the following acronym, P.U.L.S.E., using it as a pathway to becoming an effective educational leader who will stop at nothing until their students are successful.

P: Principal:The single most influential person in a school. A weak principal brings a weak school.
U: Unity:It takes Unity, Empathy, and Equity to build a positive culture of influence in our schools.
L: Leadership Capacity:Growing, Cultivating, and Empowering leaders in our school will build a sense of ownership that can change a community.
S: Students: Every decision is Student-Centered in our schools. Our future is depending on it.
E: Extra:Effective leadership is about blending a leadership style into the vision for the school. The mission is in the details.

After reading this book, the reader will be able to pass the Final P.U.L.S.E. Check, strengthen themselves as educational leaders, focus on the practical and consistent habitude that will lead to student and faculty success, and spotlight the many questions that we must ask ourselves as leaders and individuals. The world does not have enough great principals to lead our schools, so we must make it count when we assume the principalship. Leadership matters and it starts with us, both professionally and personally.

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