Classroom Dynamics

Classroom Dynamics

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Practical Strategies for Addressing Off-task Behaviour & Creating Positive Classrooms

It can take years to build a toolkit of practical strategies for addressing all the complexities of the behavioural issues encountered in the classroom – and even longer to practise and refine their execution. Unfortunately, time is what teachers lack. In Classroom dynamics, Glen Pearsall addresses this problem by offering educators an array of practical strategies that they can immediately implement in the everyday classroom.

Readers will explore techniques for dealing with a wide range of issues from how to address low-level off-task behaviour in a positive manner through to the more serious challenge of learning how to pivot around arguments and de-escalate serious conflicts.

They will learn how to identify what might be driving entrenched off-task behaviour from specific students and how to tailor an individual response to these needs. They will also learn how to seek out assistance from colleagues and school leaders to support these interventions.

Of course, the best way to deal with off-task behaviour is to stop it before it occurs. In the final section, Pearsall asks readers to consider what they can do to avoid having to implement behavioural strategies in the first place. He discusses a framework for fostering engagement, showing how small adjustments of practice can maximise student involvement and impact.

Classroom dynamics empowers teachers to make lasting change with practical and easy-to-adapt techniques that can be used over a long career – or just to get through a difficult day.

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