Collective Efficacy in a PLC at Work

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Collective Efficacy in a PLC at Work

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Authors Matt Navo and Jared J Savage have experienced firsthand the effectiveness of the professional learning community (PLC) process and collective efficacy in district improvement. In Collective efficacy in a PLC at Work®: Lessons, paradoxes, and research from a turnaround district, they explore how their school district, Sanger Unified, transformed from one of the state of California’s lowest-performing districts to one of its top-performing districts through building schoolwide and districtwide PLCs and fostering collective teacher efficacy. By reviewing the expert research, in-depth insights and valuable lessons in this book, F–12 coaches, leaders and administrators will gain the practices and tools necessary to lead PLC implementation and effective change in their own schools and districts.

Readers will:

  • understand why collective team efficacy is crucial for organisational improvement
  • learn to define a team’s purpose and a school’s vision in a way that builds a foundation for a strong PLC
  • review challenges to collaboration and discover strategies to combat these threats
  • examine the Theory of Action model to assess and build collective team efficacy
  • use reproducible templates and tools to assist in the transformation of their own teams, schools and districts.

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