Crafting Your Message

Crafting Your Message

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Tips and Tricks for Educators to Deliver Perfect Presentations

In Crafting Your Message: Tips and Tricks for Educators to Deliver Perfect Presentations, author Tammy Heflebower provides strategic processes and protocols to help all F–12 educators elevate their presentations from tame to terrific. The author focuses first on the essentials of content development before delving into other critical elements of effective presentations – from arranging the room to perfecting the delivery to obtaining feedback. The latter half of the book presents over 100 processes and protocols readers can incorporate into their presentations to trigger thinking, practice concepts that have been presented, encourage consensus building and assist in summarising content. By reading Crafting Your Message, educators will embrace the art of public speaking and learn all the tools necessary to become confident, dynamic presenters.

Coaches, leaders, teacher leaders and administrators will:

  • learn the most effective methods of researching and planning a presentation
  • discover the needs of adult learners and learn how to best engage adult audiences in a presentation
  • consider the different roles of presenters and the best way to present to audiences of varying sizes
  • review presentation skills such as getting a group’s attention, using one’s voice effectively, and managing disruptive behaviours
  • access over one hundred processes and protocols to incorporate into and elevate presentations.
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