Creating Caring Classrooms: How to Encourage Students to Communicate, Create, and be Compassionate of Others

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caring compassion mindful communication
Kathleen Gould Lundy/Larry Swartz
Hawker Brownlow Education


This passionate book is about community, compassion and creativity. It advocates for classrooms where students find themselves part of the learning circle – valued for who they are, where they came from and where they are going. It is a book about helping students honour their individual and collective identities, as they journey through school – learning about the world in which they live and the future that awaits them.

Creating Caring Classrooms asks teachers to consider the diverse needs of their students while they maintain high academic expectations and use resources that support high achievement. It offers a structure for taking control of the classroom agenda and with students creating an environment of respect for the curriculum and for one another.

Creating Caring Classrooms is committed to building respectful relationships among students, teachers and the school community. Through active, engaging, relevant, imaginative and open-ended activities students will be encouraged to explore events, ideas, themes, texts, stories and relationships from different perspectives and then represent those new understandings in innovative and creative ways.

Ideal for new and experienced teachers, this timely book explores simple but profound strategies for initiating and maintaining respectful dialogue, promoting collaboration over competition and confronting difficult issues such as bullying and exclusion.

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