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Doable Differentiation

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Twelve Strategies to Meet the Needs of All Learners

Teachers know their students don’t all learn in the same way. A teaching strategy that unlocks learning for some students will confound or wear out other students regardless of their proficiency with the curriculum. Yet, differentiating for students’ preferred way to learn often seems too complex and complicated for too little gain.

Learn a better way forward with the guidance of Doable differentiation: Twelve strategies to meet the needs of all learners. Author Jane AG Kise provides a series of low-effort, high-reward strategies F–12 educators can use in their daily practice to support, engage and challenge students while ensuring all students benefit from equitable instruction.

Readers will:

  • understand the benefits of differentiation and how to implement differentiated instruction simply and effectively
  • learn the four cognitive processing styles students identify with and how to incorporate each style into learning activities
  • set clear learning goals and expectations that enhance their approach to differentiation
  • discover twelve types of differentiation strategies with more than seventy research-backed approaches for using them during classroom instruction
  • use a simple two-step process to create differentiated lesson plans that include all students’ preferred ways to learn.

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