Doing What Works

Doing What Works

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10 Common-Sense Leadership Practices to Improve Student Learning

While new ideas and innovative programs and pedagogies are exciting, the simplest methods are often the most effective. In Doing What Works, author Chris Weber outlines 10 practical, common-sense practices proven to transform student learning and propel school success. Each chapter includes examples from real school leaders and classroom teachers, as well as a series of suggested next steps.

Use this resource to explore and implement effective learning techniques for every student:

  • rediscover common-sense strategies and practices proven to strengthen schools and increase student learning
  • receive recommendations and real-world examples to strengthen your understanding of the 10 specific practices outlined in the book
  • explore how to prioritise content to maximise learning and ensure students learn behavioral skills alongside academic skills
  • study strategies that inspire students to take ownership of their learning and empower parents to become active participants in their child’s education.
  • observe ways to provide rigorous tasks to enrich student learning and communicate clear learning targets.
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