Dyslexia Decoded : What it is, What it Isn’t, and What You Can Do About it

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dyslexia classroom practical
Sue Dymock & Tom Nicholson
Dunmore Publishing


This book, written by two highly qualified New Zealand literacy researchers, is for students and other individuals with dyslexia and also for those working with them as tutors and in the workplace. The book cuts new ground in our understanding of dyslexia. It brings together in one volume the latest research on this spectrum of learning difficulties. It seeks to encourage empathy and understanding of the needs of adults with dyslexia and shows how they can achieve success in today’s competitive world. The book defines dyslexia; debunks myths; shows that this learning condition does not have to be a life sentence; discusses assessment; explains decoding, and writing and spelling strategies; and looks at workplace modification to accommodate the needs of dyslexic people. Book and DVD.

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