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Effective writing instruction

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Alison Davis


Skilled writers learn to write with enjoyment, engagement and self-efficacy for a range of purposes and audiences. Becoming a competent and confident writer is an exciting process for learners. It can also be a demanding process. Effective writing instruction provides teachers and students with the knowledge and skills to become active and engaged in the process of learning to write – and learning from writing. This resource offers explicit support for effective classroom instruction. It explores key ideas about writing and presents numerous examples of how teachers can plan for and develop instruction. It also provides activities that actively engage learners in understanding and monitoring their own progress and achievement in writing. The accompanying CD contains graphic organisers that can be used for independent, paired and small group work during instruction, and as part of planned practice and maintenance throughout the year. The graphic organisers also provide explicit models of formative assessment of writing practices and strategies. Effective writing instruction is an essential resource for all teachers of writing.

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