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EMPOWER Your Students : Tools to Inspire a Meaningful School

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intermediate middle practical inspiration
Lauren Porosoff/Jonathan Weinstein
Hawker Brownlow Education


In EMPOWER Your Students: tools to Inspire a Meaningful School Experience, Grades 6–12, authors Lauren Porosoff and Jonathan Weinstein confront the topic of values head on. Through values, middle and high school teachers can help students find meaning in school. With their warm, engaging writing, Porosoff and Weinstein detail activities and strategies for seven elements – (1) exploration, (2) motivation, (3) participation, (4) openness, (5) willingness, (6) empathy and (7) resilience – that will empower students to choose and follow through on their values. The work states in part I, with sample scripts guiding educators through activities that facilitate student discovery and help students act on their values in school. Part II presents strategies for changing teaching behaviours to support student values. Using this resource, Years 6–12 teachers will not only empower their students but will also empower themselves.

With this book, Years 6–12 teachers will:

  • understand what values are and how they differ from preferences and goals
  • empower students to transform what school means to them
  • incorporate values work into curriculum of all content areas
  • collect data relevant to students empowerment to inform teaching strategies
  • communicate effectively with parents in regard to students empowerment.
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