Establishing a Lasting Legacy

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Establishing a Lasting Legacy

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Six Steps to Maximize Your Leadership Impact and Improve Teacher Retention

School leaders’ legacies endure through the staff who remain and maintain the school culture after these leaders are gone; for this reason, the impact of their leadership depends on teacher retention. In Establishing a lasting legacy: Six steps to maximize your leadership impact and improve teacher retention, authors Becky Evers-Gerdes and Ryan Siegle share their research-based model for how school leaders can build personal, relational and organisational capacity and develop healthy and trusting school environments where teachers want to stay. Complete with strategies and tools, Establishing a lasting legacy helps readers grow their self-efficacy and authenticity as leaders and provide needed support to reduce staff turnover.

F–12 leaders and administrators will:

  • understand why there is a teacher retention problem and how they can better support educators
  • learn how to grow their own leadership skills and build collective efficacy schoolwide
  • discover how to increase transparency, clarity and trust with staff
  • receive reflection questions, prompts and templates to deepen understanding of the material
  • study examples and insights from experienced educators.
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