Every School, Every Team, Every Classrooom

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Robert Eaker/Janel Keating


In Every School, Every Team, Every Classroom, the authors ask, “ What kind of school would we consider good enough for our own children? What would a PLC look like if we really meant it when we committed to ensuring the learning of each student?” Robert Eaker and Janel Keating suggest that these two questions drive effective PLC leaders. With a focus on simultaneous topdown and bottom-up leadership, the authors show how to embed PLC practices and grow leaders at every level of a school system.

This book includes:

  • Examples of PLC products, communications, position descriptions, interview questions, data analysis tools and monitoring tools.
  • Strategies and tools for district leaders to support and monitor he critical work of principals in creating collaborative teams
  • Strategies and tools for principals to support and monitor the critical work of teacher teams
  • Strategies and tools for teacher teams to focus their collaborative work on student learning
  • End-of-chapter reflection questions to help readers apply what they’ve learned.
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