Finding Fulfillment

Finding Fulfillment

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A Path to Reclaiming Hope and Empowerment for Educators

Robin Noble addresses the rising crisis of teacher demoralisation in American schools and provides a comprehensive guide toward improvement. She explores the widespread feeling of a lack of fulfilment many educators develop and identifies a system of three innate needs that, when met, produce a sense of fulfilment: (1) autonomy, (2) competency, and (3) relatedness. Discover a pathway toward meeting those needs through concrete, practicable strategies. Noble also clearly delineates how implementing the Professional Learning Communities at Work® model of cultural and structural reform provides verifiable answers for meeting the three needs and restoring educators’ belief in their ability to effect change in their schools and districts, discovering (or rediscovering) teaching as a source of fulfilment.

F–12 administrators and school leaders will:

  • study the sources and widespread effects of increased demoralisation and despondency among educators
  • develop an understanding of fulfilment at work and its beneficial effects
  • understand the three innate needs – autonomy, competence and relatedness – that, when met, lead to a sense of fulfillment
  • find strategies and techniques that will allow educators to progress toward fulfilment of the three innate needs
  • use free reproducibles to further understanding and guide themselves and others.
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