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Overcoming Common Collaborative Challenges in a PLC at Work®

Help Your Team: Overcoming Common Collaborative Challenges in a PLC at Work® addresses the many obstacles collaborative teams in professional learning communities (PLCs) frequently face. Authors Michael D. Bayewitz, Scott A. Cunningham, Joseph A. Ianora, Brandon Jones, Maria Nielsen, Will Remmert, Bob Sonju and Jeanne Spiller translate years of team experience into strategies, templates, tools and practices that teachers and administrators can use to overcome interpersonal issues, toxic cultures and other impediments to collaborative work. Facing these challenges will help ensure high levels of learning for all students in a PLC.

Readers will:

    • gain an understanding of the PLC process and the benefits of effective collaborative work
    • understand collaborative teams and how to form them
    • learn why a toxic culture can contribute to the failure of collaborative work and how to combat it
    • discover how educators in non-traditional schools or singletons can collaborate
    • explore additional teamwork resources to advance their knowledge of the PLC process.

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