How Much of Yourself Do You Own?

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How Much of Yourself Do You Own?

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A Process for Building Your Emotional Resources

Total wellness begins with emotional health. As we journey through life, many of us give away or lose vital parts of ourselves. We spend precious energy on people and circumstances that restrict our growth. Past pain, old patterns of thought and behaviour, anxieties, fears, unhealthy relationships, and problems at work or at home all take their toll. Responsibilities and demands are increasing at a time when our energy levels are starting to decrease. And where’s the joy and the fun? Why aren’t we more resilient, relaxed, and reflective?

With insights and tools drawn from research-based change principles, as well as the authors’ personal and professional experience, this book serves as a practical tool kit for individuals, self-help groups, peer-support groups, and therapy groups seeking change and emotional wellness. It’s also an excellent reference for higher education students in all helping fields–counselling, psychology, social work, psychiatry, nursing, etc. – and supervisors of practicum and internship students.

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