Inspiring Hope

Inspiring Hope

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Personal Pedagogical Gifts in a World of Standards

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The job description for modern educators seems ever-expanding. Increasing external pressures from a society that expects educators to do it all has left many Australian teachers feeling undervalued, under-resourced and overworked. In an environment of hopelessness, energised teaching and motivated learning are unlikely to thrive.

In Inspiring hope, authors Frank Crowther, Bruce Addison and Karen Fox present a groundbreaking path for Australian education moving forward – pedagogical balance. By building a system where educational standards and teachers’ personal pedagogical gifts come into harmonious coexistence, teachers are supported and empowered to meet expectations while feeling a deep sense of purpose and passion for their profession. Just as an orchestra needs a score, a conductor and talented players who trust themselves and one another, so too do our schools need gifted teachers with pragmatic standards and the faith of their school communities.

We must invest in the future by ensuring that teachers are more than just competent and capable – they must be inspired and esteemed professionals.

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