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Lead Form the Start

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How to Succeed as the New Principal of Your School

Authors Tommy Reddicks and Tina Merriweather Seymour condense their decades of experience into a guide for both new and experienced leaders. This book provides a deeply informative and experience-based look at how leaders coming into a school can quickly develop best practices, leverage their creativity, avoid reactive processes and more. Using this book, F–12 principals will develop personalised systems of leadership best practices that will not only keep them in their leadership roles through the tumultuous early years but also ensure better outcomes for their students, teachers and schools.

Readers will:

  • understand why leadership is a skill that can be cultivated and improved
  • reflect on the greatest challenges that leaders face in a new position and why success in the first few years is necessary for continued success
  • study numerous experience-backed lessons, strategies and best practices that will improve their leadership skills
  • develop their own systems of leadership that will allow them to face the unique challenges at their schools
  • access numerous personal accounts, firsthand experiences and opportunities for reflection to better implement the book’s lessons.


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