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Researched-Based Strategies to Increase Student Engagement

Educators know engagement when they see it, but can they articulate how it forms? In Loving What They Learn: Research-Based Strategies to Increase Student Engagement, Alexander McNeece explains how competence, autonomy, relatedness and relevance are the keys to engagement, and from those connections, a cycle of self-efficacy emerges. Knowing the science behind behaviours and how to increase student competence and autonomy, foster healthy relationships and connect content to real life means F–12 teachers and administrators can create a culture where all students dive deep into their learning.

With this book, readers will:

  • understand what’s at stake when students don’t engage in school and learn what it takes to capture and sustain their interest and motivation
  • become familiar with the four elements necessary to hook students on learning – (1) competence, (2) autonomy, (3) relatedness and (4) relevance – and how they intersect to promote deep learning and self-efficacy
  • study how to cultivate each element, in class and schoolwide, with activities, cooperative learning and professional development
  • discover dozens of research-based strategies that help fulfil specific cognitive and affective needs
  • assess, with provided tools, how thoroughly they have created a culture of engagement and compare outcomes to students’ self-assessments.
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