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Making Maths Stick

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Classroom Strategies That Support the Long-term Understanding of Maths Concepts

Making math stick shows teachers how to foster classroom learning experiences that will help students to better understand, retain and apply key maths concepts. The book explores why we need a different approach to teaching maths – one that leads students to a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts that will stick with them long after the test is handed in.

Based on extensive classroom experience, this remarkable book helps teachers stop working harder and start working smarter. It describes a shift from ‘teach–test–move–on’ to ‘teach–connect–apply’ to optimise student learning.

Teachers will find useful insights for adjusting common classroom tools so they can:

  • strengthen maths instruction and take students beyond exams to deeper learning
  • engage in instruction that helps students recall and apply maths concepts
  • focus on addressing all learning needs in F–8 classrooms.

In this valuable resource, teachers will find simple, manageable and sustainable strategies that students can use to build retention. From ideas on learning through to self-assessment and building a network of memory, the book goes on to offer suggestions for figuring it out, picturing it and writing about it. Teachers will find useful instructional strategies they can use to expand the use of formative assessment and rethink testing, reviewing, homework and the year’s plan.

Ideal for new and experienced teachers, this timely book frames instruction so that students strengthen their understanding and can remember and apply learning in novel situations down the road.

Making math stick is a game-changer that champions durable learning for all students.

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