A Framework for Building Learner Agency

When educators hear the term student agency, many are left wondering, ‘What does that truly mean, and how do I make it happen?’ In Mindsets and skill sets for learning: A framework for building student agency, author Bill Zima provides definitive answers. With a research-backed conception of agency as the foundation, Zima introduces a framework that F–12 teachers can use to organise their instructional practice to create the conditions that give learners control over their thinking. This framework allows teachers to shift from simply delivering content to deliberately planning lessons and opportunities that encourage students to become active participants in their learning. By reading Mindsets and skill sets for learning, educators will support and cultivate students’ ability to build agency within themselves.

Readers will:

  • explore the framework for building agency and understand the importance of developing agency in students
  • receive detailed explanations of all components of the framework, including end-of-chapter assignments that ask readers to apply their understanding of the components
  • utilise an agency unit planner to design learning experiences that develop learner agency
  • investigate what agency looks and sounds like in the classroom while utilising research-based tools and strategies
  • gain firsthand perspectives from teachers and students who have transformed learning with the framework for building agency.