Motivating Students Who Don’t Care 2nd Ed

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Proven Strategies to Engage all Learners (Proven Strategies to Motivate Struggling Students and Spark an Enthusiasm for Learning)

In the second edition of this valuable resource, Allen Mendler offers both time-tested and newly developed strategies for how to reignite enthusiasm in even the most unmotivated students. Educators gain fresh ideas on how to integrate social-emotional development into daily classroom instruction, use technology and digital tools to enhance learning, and reduce the anxiety students feel in our ever-changing education environment.

  • Understand why students might be unmotivated in class and learn how to boost student engagement.
  • Examine the beliefs and five key processes for guiding and inspiring unmotivated students.
  • Learn about the importance of emphasizing effort in the classroom.
  • Learn how to build strong, trusting teacher-student relationships.

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