New Teacher Mindset

New Teacher Mindset

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Practical and Innovative Strategies to Be Different from Day One

A refreshing and hopeful guide to help new and veteran teachers thrive in our ever-changing world

New Teacher Mindset is all about creating successful systems, practices, and protocols that make sense for today’s teachers. To be the best teacher you can be, you need to understand how new technologies and a changing societal landscape have altered the needs of students—and how to modify your teaching approach accordingly. This book gives you a fresh take on topics like classroom management, project-based learning, group collaboration, increasing buy-in, and partnering with parents. The book is research-backed and provides concrete practices that have proven effective in real world classrooms. Each chapter includes a story to illustrate the topic of the chapter, followed by strategies, research, and practical activities that you can implement immediately to refresh your mindset and your classroom.

  • Get fresh, modern ideas for elevating your classroom and teaching style
  • Build on traditional teaching practices with new techniques designed for today’s fast-paced, tech-driven world
  • Use practical activities and reader reflection questions to transform your practice right away
  • Learn how to revitalize your teaching by focusing on the classroom as a whole, the individual student, and the teacher

This is an invaluable resource for K-12 educators and others working in the K-12 setting, all of whom need to learn to adapt and adjust to the constant shifting of the outside world. New Teacher Mindset is a roadmap for doing just that.

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