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Not Yet……….and that’s OK

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Every learning challenge is an empowering opportunity to grow. In Not yet … and that’s OK: How productive struggle fosters student learning, author Peg Graffwallner turns the idea of failure on its head by offering teachers practical strategies and tools that encourage students to engage in a not-yet approach to learning. By learning to expect and overcome personal barriers to growth in the classroom, students in years 3–12 come to celebrate the academic experience and all it has to offer as they develop into capable and autonomous learners and risk-takers.

Readers will:

  • establish a classroom culture and routines that normalise productive struggle as part of the learning process
  • discover how to write and apply student-friendly, vigorous learning intentions and scaffolded success criteria
  • study classroom scenarios and authentic, firsthand looks at educators demonstrating the not-yet approach to learning
  • foster positive relationships by improving communication with colleagues, students and parents and guardians
  • receive strategies, protocols and reproducibles that support instruction, reflection and the not-yet approach.
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