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Open-To-Learning Leadership

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Key words: leadership improvement
Viviane Robinson


Open-to-learning™ Leadership addresses how leaders can build trust in teams and with individuals while tackling the tough issues associated with the work of educational improvement. It calls educational leaders’ attention to the values and behaviours needed to engage in respectful and constructive conversations about concerns that stand in the way of quality teaching and student learning. Open-to-learning™ Leadership integrates behaviours and values, and supports leaders to build more effective patterns of both thought and action. This book offers an overview of the research base the model is based on and includes many practical suggestions on how leaders can engage in more Open-to-learning™ conversations.

This book covers topics such as

  • how leaders deal with concerns that arise in their daily work, such as performance issues or parental complaints
  • how leaders use genuine inquiry to help the concern resolution process
  • how leaders can deal with difference and disagreement in more constructive ways
  • how embedding

Open-to-learning™ Leadership in system-wide practices can support wider school improvement. Open-to-learning™ Leadership is a timely and valuable resource for teacher leaders, senior leaders, principals and system leaders, and for any leader who wants to reflect on and better the way they pursue improvement through conversation with others.

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