Play Like a Pirate – Engage Students with Toys, Games & Comics again

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Quinn Rollins


Serious learning can be seriously FUN!

For some, school feels like a chore: boring, monotonous, necessary.

But what if school were fun – for you and your students? What would life be like if you felt excited about your lessons? Better yet, what if your students actually looked forward to your class every day?

Yes! School can be simultaneously fun and educational. In fact, as Quinn Rollins explains in Play Like a PIRATE, when your class is engaging and entertaining, students are more likely to remember what they’ve learned. Invite kids to use their imaginations and help them create meaningful connections with your content by making play part of the learning experience. Play Like a Pirate shows you how!

You’ll learn:

Why bringing passion to the classroom works – even if it isn’t related to your subject.

Why action figures, Hot Wheels, LEGO, and other toys belong in your classroom.

Why comic books and graphic novels aren’t “just for fun”

How to use or create games that make content memorable all year long.

In addition to insights that will help you remember why you became an educator in the first place, Play Like a Pirate includes practical strategies and QR code links to resources and templates that make it easy to integrate fun into your curriculum. Regardless of the grade level you teach, you’ll find inspiration and ideas that will help you engage your students in unforgettable ways.

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