Responding to Resistance

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Responding to Resistance

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Thirty Strategies to Manage Conflict in Your School

Educational leadership is never conflict-free. And poorly managed conflict – whether it involves staff, students, parents or other stakeholders – can consume a great deal of educational leaders’ time and energy. In Responding to resistance: Thirty strategies to manage conflict in your school, author William A Sommers acknowledges this reality and presents a wide-ranging set of efficient response strategies. He equips F–12 school and district leaders with a repertoire of skills for reacting professionally and effectively. Using this resource’s common sense tools, leaders will be able to spend more time on improving learning in their schools.

Readers will:

  • become familiar with the five primary causes of conflict and four dangers of ignoring conflict
  • gain foundational communication skills for clarifying issues and defining problems
  • discover conflict-response strategies for teams, individuals and large groups
  • understand the research and expertise that support each response strategy
  • learn from realistic vignettes that illustrate common conflicts in schools and effective responses.
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