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Small Changes, Big Impact

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Ten Strategies to Promote Student Efficacy & Lifelong Learning

Small changes, big impact: Ten strategies to promote student efficacy and lifelong learning presents ten small-scale system changes that can effect major improvements in school culture and student growth. Through this practical resource, authors Anthony R Reibel and Matt Thede provide guidance on how educators can develop skills-based curricula, student-centred rubrics and evidence-based grading and reporting structures toward helping students take ownership of their learning. In addition to deftly explaining the concepts and ideas that support the effectiveness of these changes, the book provides numerous actionable strategies and tools for implementation so educators can foster school improvement and student success.

F–12 teachers, principals and administrators will:

  • learn how any school can implement small-scale changes to make big improvements to school culture, learning and relationships
  • redefine student success as self-efficacy and ownership of learning
  • gain strategies for creating student-centred mission statements and rubrics that promote student success
  • examine how growth-based feedback promotes future achievement
  • explore how to use process-based assessments and dynamic reporting structures to communicate students’ learning stories.
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