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Fulfilling the Promise of Your Professional Life as a Teacher and Leader

In SOUL! Fulfilling the promise of your professional life as a teacher and leader, author Timothy D Kanold shares his own reflections and anecdotes as well as wisdom and research from various teachers and leaders, to inspire and guide F–12 educators through their professional journeys. A follow-up to the bestselling book HEART! Fully forming your professional life as a teacher and leaderSOUL! aims to help educators continue the work started in HEART! by reflecting on the obstacles they face and generating healthy responses to those obstacles.  Dividing the book into four parts based on four key actions derived from the word SOUL – searching, overcoming, unifying and living – Kanold encourages readers to reflect on and journal about their professional soul stories and identify defining moments. No matter where readers find themselves in their teaching and leading careers, SOUL! will help them lead fulfilling work lives and ensure their students and colleagues flourish.

F–12 teachers and leaders will:

  • explore the four actions of SOUL for sustaining a fulfilling professional life
  • study reflections and gain wisdom from dozens pf teachers and leaders
  • understand their own soul story and reflect on how they can create good in others
  • journal throughout the book, examining their professional and emotional health
  • discover how to create a positive school culture focused on meaningful relationships and collaboration.

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