Step In, Step Up

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Empowering Women for the School Leadership Journey

In Step in, step up: Empowering women for the school leadership journey, authors Jane A G Kise and Barbara K Watterston guide aspiring and current women leaders through a twelve-week developmental journey.

Women are underrepresented in educational leadership positions, and the negative connotations sometimes associated with women holding power roles can discourage them from becoming leaders. Through activities, reflection prompts and real-life stories and scenarios, this book helps women navigate these challenges to find their own leadership identity.

F–12 leaders and administrators will:

  • learn about the need for women in leadership positions
  • consider their own leadership strengths and determine areas for improvement
  • gain motivation and confidence to tackle leadership complexities and overcome gender barriers
  • obtain tools and activities for creating an action plan for effective leadership
  • complete reflection activities to reinforce learning and professional development.
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